Entry Requirement

These 30 minute 1 to 1 Private Lessons are for those aged 3 and above. This booking covers the selected time and day only.


Instructor Prices

Private Lessons are £23.00 with our Level 1 Instructors & £31.00 with our Level 2 Instructors. The difference is the qualification and experience the tutor has in the industry. For more information, please see our Private Lesson page.


Lesson Ratio

These slots are strictly 1:1, you can upgrade to a 1:2 by selecting the option below. You will be charged an additional fee should two swimmers attend the lesson on the day without the option selected.

Booking Options

Please note, once booked we are unable to change the booking time and day that you have selected.

If there are no booking options below, all spaces have been taken. Please check back regularly to book a space.



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